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        Nature’s Harmony is an all-season destination nestled in a remote wilderness setting overlooking the Laurentian Mountains. Step onto the property and the weight of everyday life will lift from your shoulders. We provide the opportunity to disconnect in order to reconnect! Slow down to enjoy life’s simple pleasures or fuel your energetic self with an abundance of outdoor activities for every season. Experience an off-grid lifestyle in comfort and learn about environmental sustainability.

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        Top 5 Reasons to Go to Nature’s Harmony Ecolodge

        Why nature lovers from all over the world come to stay with us!

        1. Feel the magic of the Northern Ontario Wilderness with endless space to explore, fresh air to breath and a variety of wildlife.
        2. A one-stop destination offering an abundance of outdoor activities from an extensive trail system for hiking, biking, snowshoeing and back-country skiing. Experience the adrenaline rush while you zoom to the bottom of five unique tubing luge runs or try kicksledding for something new. Go for a swim or take a noe, kayak or SUP to explore the beautiful Bang’s Bay. There is something for everyone! Your next adventure awaits you here!
        3. A perfect place to connect and create unforgettable memories with family and friends.
        4. With zero light pollution, the night sky will take your breath away. With zero noise pollution, you will enjoy the lm stillness or the beautiful sounds of nature. With no cell service, you n truly disconnect.
        5. Enjoy a stay while minimizing your ecologil footprint and learning ways to lessen your everyday environmental impact.

        “No electricity, no cell service, no internet, minimal humans, vast amount of space between mpers, two private lakes, many kilometres of trail systems, untouched natural forest = equals = PERFECT!!”

        Jamie, Airbnb, October 2020

        Where is Nature’s Harmony Ecolodge?

        Nature’s Harmony is situated in Mattawa, Ontario on 485 acres, overlooking the Laurentian Mountains, and is surrounded by an abundance of nature and wildlife.